al Salam Alaikum :)


Hajj 2019 Packages

*Airfare from Toronto Egypt Air ( flight into JED first----leaving from Medina Airport Jan 4th)

*Round trip transportation in air conditioned bus from Jeddah - Mecca - Medina - Medina airport

*Accommodation in Mecca for 5 nights at Swiss Hotel 5***** Hotel or similar

*Accommodation in Medina for 4 nights at Mubarak Al Masy 4**** Hotel or similar

*Friday Jumma prayer in Mecca and 1 Friday Jumma prayer in Medina!!!

*Umra Visa processing included

*Perform Umra with notable and recognized Imam & tour director

*Religious guidance available throughout the trip

*Umra Kit for Pilgrims

*Sightseeing and tour In Mecca: Mina, Muzdalfa, Arafaat, Jabal Thawr (Cave Thawr), Jabal-al-Nour (Cave Hira)

*Sightseeing and tour In Medina: Masjid-e-Quba, Masjid-e-Qiblatain, Jabal Uhad, Janat-ul-Baqi

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