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Saturday, December 22, 2018 to Saturday, December 29, 2018


  • Airfare from Toronto
  • Return flight from: Medina, Prince Mohammad bin AbdulAziz Airport
  • Round trip transportation in air conditioned bus from Jeddah - Mecca - Medina - Medina airport
  • Accommodation in Mecca for 5 day
  • Accommodation in Medina for 5 days
  • Daily Open Buffet Breakfast in both Mecca & Medina hotels
  • Friday Jumma prayer in Mecca and 1 Friday Jumma prayer in Medina!
  • Umra Visa processing included
  • Perform Umra with notable and recognized Imam & tour director
  • Religious guidance available throughout the trip
  • Umra Kit for Pilgrims
  • Sightseeing and tour In Mecca
  • Sightseeing and tour In Medina:
  • For passengers coming from another airport city please ask us for the price difference


  • Toronto to Jeddah on Egypt Air Departs: 12/25/2018 Arrives: 12/26/2018


DAY 1- Departure 25 December 2018
Departure from Canada on the 25th at  of December 2018.
Arrival in  Cairo /Jeddah/ Airport

Please be at the airport 3 hours prior to departure time. 
Have your medicine, valuables and other necessities in your carry-on bag. Don't forget your vaccination book. 
2 checked luggage of 23 kg each and 7 kg Carry-on bag.
DAY 2-Arrival Jeddah December 26th
  • Arrival  Jeddah aprox 17:30
  • Go through passport control
  • Pickup luggage
  • Check out of airport and board buses  
  • Arrival to your designated hotel
  • Check in to your rooms
  • Enjoy complimentary dinner
  • Instruction for meet time at the Haram to perform umrah with group will be announced by the Imam and management team   
  • Option to perform  umrah with group or on your own 
Day 3- December 27-Free Day
  • Free Day
  • Breakfast and complimentary Dinner Included 
Day 4-Friday/ Jumma Prayer-December 28
  • Free day
  • Friday Mubarak 
  • Breakfast and complimentary Dinner Included  
Day 5- December 29- Ziyarat / Historical day tour of Mecca
  • After Breakfast we will be visiting historical sites in Mecca 
  • Complimentary dinner at your hotel in the evening 
Day 6-December 30th
  • Free day
  • Breakfast and complimentary Dinner included
Day 7- December 31st -Checkout-Departure to Al -Medina Al- Munawarah
  • Enjoy Breakfast
  • Check out at 12 pm 
  • Please have all  luggage ready and set to load into bus by 12 pm 
  • Departure to Al- Medina Al-Munawarah by bus
  • Arrival Medina InchaAllah at hotel Mubarak Al Masy Silver
  • Check in to your rooms
  • Evening complimentary Dinner 
Day 8-Al Medina Al-Munawarah-January 1st
Free day
Breakfast and complimentary Dinner included 
Day 9- Wednesday January 2nd -Ziyarat / Historical day tour of Medina
  • After Breakfast we will be visiting historical sites in Medina
  • Evening complimentary Dinner 
Day 10-January 10th
  • Free Day
  • Breakfast and complimentary Dinner included  
Day 11- Friday January 4th / Friday -Jumma prayer and Checkout for departure back home / Medina Airport
  • Enjoy Breakfast
  • Please have all luggage on standby to be ready for later departure and check out  
  • Friday Mubarak!
  • After Friday/Jumma prayer have a group farewell lunch together
  • After meal please start getting ready to leave. You need to be at Medina airport 4 hours before departure. Luggage's  have to ready 6 hours before departure.
  • Information for bus schedule will be posted at a sign board in the hotel lobby 
  • Transport to Media airport by bus
  • Our Egypt Air flight is scheduled for 20:30
  • Flight back home MED-CAI-YYZ
Thank you for joining our group . We appreciate you choosing us as your Umrah operator 

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